VITA BEARS GUMMIES are Nutritional Supplements, presented as Gummies, for children and mothers, with the best selection of flavors and colors.
• For Children: Special formulations with vital nutrients to support growth and the immunological and cerebral health of children.
• For Mothers: Supplements with the appropriate composition that provide the nutritional support that is necessary during and after pregnancy

Now Nutrition is more fun…
VITA BEARS GUMMIES are pectin-based, with incorporated nutritional components. They offer consumers a tastier and more pleasing way of taking Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal supplements.
Not only do they taste good, but they also contribute nutritional elements that help maintain and protect the organism.

VITA BEARS GUMMIES contain ingredients that contribute necessary Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements. They are a healthy option to complement the essential nutrients that are required by the organism.
Our Gummies are developed with the highest quality and non genetically modified ingredients and nutrients, to provide the best current option in the market

Why Children and Mothers prefer Gummies
• No water is needed to take them
• Easy to swallow
• No gastrointestinal side effects
• Easy to carry, anytime and anywhere
• A tasty and effective alternative

Gummies for everyone
Gummies are no longer only for children. These supplements are also positioned as one of the main preferred products by mothers.Nutritional Supplements in Gummies are growing faster than other traditional presentations, because they offer consumers a tastier and more enjoyable way to take Vitamins, Minerals and Essential Supplements

The Benefits of Gummies
• Gummies have become the most innovative, attractive and effective alternative to consume Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements in the world
• The acceptance of Gummies is higher, among consumers, related to other products. This is due to their irresistible flavors, which are very popular in the market
• Different healthy ingredients can be added to our Gummies

General Characteristics of VITA BEARS GUMMIES
Pectin based.
Natural flavors and colors
• Preservative free
• Safe for the consumption of children and mothers

Formulated without artificial colors or flavors.

Specially formulated to guarantee consumer acceptance (taste and appearance).
Improved stability, avoiding color oxidation.
Formulated with the highest quality ingredients.
Manufactured with the highest technology equipment
• Provides a mixture of Vitamins A, C, D, E and Vitamin B as Folic Acid.
• Contains essential Minerals, that provide an ideal supplement to meet the nutritional needs of children
• Helps to promote the healthy growth of children
• Helps the production of energy, in development stages