JOINT T ALPHA Sachets Fortigel food supplement offers relief from the joints pains from the first week. It is also ideal for cases of rheumatoid arthritis!

JOINT T ALPHA Sachets is an innovative product containing Fortigel 5g collagen bioactive peptides, 0.5 g Rosa canina and 25μg selenium.
Enrichment with Rosa canina helps to quickly relieve joint pains and contributes significantly to improving joint mobility.

One JOINT T ALPHA Sachet per day supports regeneration of articular cartilage and rapid relief of pain.

Contains bioactive collagen peptides, a unique collection of proteins and amino acids, which are the essential building blocks for joint health. Unlike other supplements, JOINT T ALPHA Sachets is a natural product with an amino acid composition that is identical to the collagen found in the extracellular substance of the body joints. It is the only product that has proven to activate chondrocytes, which are responsible for the maintenance of the extracellular matrix. Studies have shown that JOINT T ALPHA Sachets increases the concentration of collagen type II and proteoglycans through the effect it exerts on chondrocytes.

Suitable for:
– People that carry loads
– People who suffer from repeated or debilitating activities
– Overweight and sedentary people
– Athletes

Use: One JOINT T ALPHA Sachet  contains 5 grams of hydrolysed collagen in a single use vial. You should drink  the contents of one sachet per  day to support cartilage regeneration. Studies have shown that this is the best dosage for cartilage regeneration. It can be taken with or without food, and can be mixed with other beverages, such as orange juice or grapefruit.